Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Hon. William Ngeleja, Minister for Energy and Minerals;
Hon. Ministers, Deputy Ministers,
Hon. Regional Commissioners;
Hon. Members of Parliament;
Ambassadors and High Commissioners;
Mr. Joseph Kahama, President of the Tanzania Chamber of Energy and Minerals;
Ms. Catherine Lyombe, Mining Stakeholders Forum;
Invited CEOs of Extractive Companies and Related Services; Representatives of Financial Institutions;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen;
I thank you honourable Minister for inviting me to participate at this historic event of launching the Presidential Award on the Extractive Industry Corporate Social Responsibility and Empowerment Programme (CSRE). I am delighted that the Award will be contested annually and companies with outstanding performance will be acknowledged. 

Ladies and Gentlemen;
I am happy with the key indicators developed to evaluate the scores for the Award.  In this regard, I consider very pertinent indeed, to include in the indicators things like;
1.     Community well-being and sustainability;
2.     Human resource development and training;
3.     Local industry participation;
4.     Community safety, water and environment;
5.     Social infrastructure such as housing and health services; and,
6.     Infrastructure development such as roads, electricity etc.

I commend you, and all those involved in conceiving the ideas and all those who made it happen as we are witnessing today. 
The Presidential Award on CSR and Empowerment that we are launching tonight is an important milestone in the history of the extractive industry in Tanzania.  It is intended to align corporate policies and practices of companies in the extractive industry with sustainable development.  It is about making local communities where companies operate, benefit from the operations of the companies.    And, it is about the companies benefitting from the friendliness, harmony, understanding and cooperation that will ensue with the government and the people in the areas where the companies operate. 

Business leaders;
Ladies and Gentlemen;
The concept of CSR is not new to Tanzania, the world and to all of us gathered here this evening.  Nowadays, it is increasingly becoming a normal international practice.  Almost all major companies in the country have put corporate social responsibility in their mission statements, policies and internal management systems.  What is new to us Tanzania, therefore, is the Award we are launching tonight.  Otherwise, companies have been working to ensure that local communities receive some direct benefits, and contribute to broadening social and economic sustainable development.
If principles of Corporate Social responsibility are observed and delivered, companies will enjoy very good relations with the communities around them.  If companies pay taxes that are due to the State, rightfully and timely, they will have good relations with the government.  Likewise, if the government and communities aptly deliver on their part of the responsibilities they will enjoy good relations with companies.  In the end everybody benefits and a win-win situation will be realised.  I believe, this is the best insurance policy one can long to have as an investor and as an investment destination.  If this is absent there is every risk of friction which is not healthy for business and may put the investment in jeopardy.  Everybody will be at risk losing.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
As alluded to earlier, under CSR and Empowerment, companies are expected to contribute to the provision of important social and economic services to the communities where companies are located.  Besides that, I would like to mention and underscore two or three importance things.  The first one is about sourcing goods and services locally.  Companies should make it their policy to engage local companies and local people in this regard.  There are services which can be sourced locally, there is no need of importing them from abroad.  This is the best way to promote local empowerment and an excellent way of promoting socio-economic growth in the economy of the area and the country. 
This way, the company is integrating itself in the socio-economic life of the people by creating jobs and incomes.  It engenders, what economists call backward and forward linkages.  This will make the people strongly feel a sense of ownership and an obligation to protect the investment.  But if such things are absent people will have no stake in operations of the company.  As a result, they may care less about the presence, survival and progress of the company.  They may even turn hostile.  May I make a humble appeal to all companies in different sectors to take this matter seriously. 
The other thing I would like to mention with regard to CSR policies is the relationship between large companies and small companies and local people engaged in the same industry.  It is incumbent upon large companies to realise that assisting local players to make progress is in their best interest. 
Big companies should use their economic strength and technological capacity to help small players improve their operating systems, increase productivity, production and improve their affairs in general.  I believe, it will reduce jealousies, minimise friction, avoid unnecessary hostility and increase friendship and cooperation.  Take the case of artisanal mining activities in the vicinity of large mining operations in Tanzania.  If the latter assists the former and treat each other as partners, instead of competitors or contenders, it will very much improve relations between the two players who need each other.  It will clear undue misunderstanding and remove the mistrust and resentment.  Attitudes of hostility, threats and violence can easily be avoided.  In the end everybody benefits. 
Ladies and Gentlemen;
The extractive industry can emulate the good practice of out-growers scheme around sugar plantations and sugar factories in Tanzania. In those cases, the large company supports small scale farmers, as out-growers, in several ways including provision of important services such as extension services, seedlings, technical know-how and market for their sugar cane.  I think this is a good model to look into.  It enhances local productive capacity and ensures sustainability of income to farmers. May this Award inspire companies in the extractive industry to emulate this example and strive to do what is possible to assist the local small scale investors grow and promote long-term economic and social sustainability.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
We in government consider CSR and Empowerment in the extractive industry very important indeed.  By their very nature, most of the operations in extractive industry are not renewable.  They get depleted as extraction continues.  As such if there are no proper arrangements for tangible benefits to the communities where the operations are located, they could easily become a source of discontent and resentment.  When the resources are completely exhausted and operations are stopped, the questions people would hasten to ask is about how did they benefit? The centrality of having mechanisms whereby communities and the country benefits even at the end of the life of the operations, therefore, need no emphasis. 
We would like to see when such eventuality comes, everybody says we have benefited.  Contrary to that may create apprehensions and even resentment of large investors in the extractive industry especially when they are foreign based.  I believe, this is doable.    Let us heed the old adage “where there is will there is a way”.   Let us gunner the will to do it for our sake.

Honourable Minister;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Before I conclude, let me, once again, sincerely thank the Mining Inter stakeholders’ Forum (MISF) and the Ministry of Energy and Minerals for conceiving the idea and introducing the CSRE Presidential Award in Tanzania. We are a little bit late, but it is better late than never.
I am confident the Award will stimulate and encourage the extractive companies to take interest in the communities around them and deliver on corporate social responsibility and empowerment. I invite business leaders here tonight to heed this our call and rise to the challenge.
With these many words, I now announce that the Corporate Social Responsibilities and Empowerment Presidential Award on Extractive Industry is officially launched.

Thank you for your kind attention!

Meya wa Milwaukee atangaza siku ya Tanzania, Mjini Milwaukee Wisconsin

Na Mindi Kasiga,Wisiconcin,Marekani

Meya wa Milwaukee kwenye Jimbo la Wisconsin amemtunukia Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani Mhe. Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar hati ya kuitambua siku ya tarehe 20.02.2012 kama siku ya Tanzania mjini Milwaukee. 

Mayor Thomas Barrett ametangaza siku hiyo ofisini kwake leo (jana) kama sehemu ya kuipongeza Tanzania kwa kutimiza miaka 50 ya uhuru na kuendeleza ushirikiano baina ya miji dada (sister cities) ya Milwaukee nchini Marekani na Morogoro nchini Tanzania. 

Katika hafla hiyo fupi iliyohudhuriwa na watu mbalimbali wakiwemo waandishi wa habari, Meya Barrett na Balozi Maaajar walikubaliana kuendeleaza ushirikiano baina ya miji hii miwili, ulioanzishwa mwaka 2006, na pia kushawishi wawekezaji na wafanya biashara wa ukanda huu wa Marekani kuwekeza Tanzania. 

Balozi Maajar yuko Jimboni Wisconsin kwenye ziara ya kikazi ya siku tatu iliyoandaliwa na muasisi wa ushirikiano wa miji ya Milwaukee na Morogoro Bw. Ryan Skyfe, ambapo anakutana na taasisi za elimu, biashara na wawekezaji mbalimbali kwa nia ya kuangalia maeneo ya ushirikiano wenye tija ili kuleta maendeleo kwa manufaa ya wananchi wa nchi hizo mbili.

Baadhi ya taasisi alizofanya nao mazungumzo ni Milwaukee Area Technical College walioko kwenye Jimbo la Wisconsin mjini Milwaukee ambao wamekubali kushirikiana na mojawapo ya chuo cha Tanzania na kutoa elimu inayolingana na mitaala ya chuo hicho ambacho kinaongoza kwenye Jimbo hili kwa kutoa elimu ya vitendo kwenye sekta ya nishati ya umeme inayowasaidia Wamerekani kupata ajira. 

Wengine ni Phoenix Financial & Investment Services walioko Jimbo la Illinois mjini Chicago na Helios Solar Works walioko Jimbo la Wisconsin Mjini Milwaukee. Balozi Maajar pia alipata fursa ya kutoa mada kwenye mkutano uliovutia wakuu wa biashara na wawakilishi wa makampuni wapatao thelathini kutoka kwenye Jimbo la Wisconsin wenye nia ya kuwekeza nchini Tanzania. 

Aidha Balozi Maajar alitumia fursa hiyo kuirajamu Tanzania na kutangaza fursa mbalimbali zilizopo baina ya serikali za nchi hizi mbili kwa wananchi wake kuwekeza na kuendeleza ushirikiano kwa manufaa yao. 

Kila mwaka Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani  huandaa ziara mahsusi kwa ajili ya maafisa wakuu wa makampuni ya  kimarekani kutalii Tanzania na kuangalia fursa za uwekezaji na biashara nchini Tanzania. Ziara hiyo ambayo inachanganya biashara na utalii (business and leisure) imekuwa mashuhuri sana miongoni mwa wafanyabiashara wa Kimarekani ambapo mwaka huu inatarajiwa kufanyika tarehe 22 Juni – 02 Julai, 2012. 

Balozi Maajar  tarehe 21.02.2012 alitarajia kukutana na Gavana wa Jimbo la Wisconsin Mjini Madison na baadae kuendelea na ziara yake kwenye miji ya La Farge na La Crosse Jimboni Wisconsin kabla ya kurejea mjini Washington, jimbo la District of Columbia.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Mwenyekiti wa Bodi ya Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima y Afya Deogratius Ntunkamazina akisisitiza umuhimu wa kuutumia Mfuko huo kwa manufaa ya Watanzania wote kwenye Mkutano wa wadau uliofanyika mkoani Lindi.
Na Grace Michael, Lindi
MWENYEKITI wa Bodi ya Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima ya Afya, Bw. Deogratius Ntunkamazina amewataka watoa huduma za afya nchini kuutumia Mfuko huo kwa uzalendo ili uweze kunufaisha Watanzania wote.
Amesema kuwa endapo Mfuko huo watautumia kwa ulafi na kwa kughubikwa na udanganyifu utafilisika na kushindwa kufikia malengo yanayokusudiwa na Serikali ya kuhakikisha asilimia kubwa ya wananchi wanakuwa kwenye utaratibu wa Bima ya Afya.
Bw. Ntunkamazina aliyasema hayo jana wakati akitoa salaam za Bodi ya Mfuko huo kwenye Mkutano wa Wadau uliofanyika mkoani Lindi uliokutanisha wadau mbalimbali wakiwemo wakitoa huduma, wanachama, viongozi wa kiserikali, kidini na wadau wengine.
"Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima ya Afya ni fursa nzuri ya kuboresha huduma za afya nchini hivyo tumieni fursa hii kwa uzalendo mkubwa sana ili baadae wananchi wote waweze kunufaika na Mfuko huu. Mkiwa walafi na kuweka udanganyifu mwingi katika kuandaa madai yenu mtaufilisi Mfuko huu," alisema Ntunkamazina.
Mwenyekiti huyo wa Bodi alitumia maneno ya Kiongozi shupavu na mwana Falsafa Mahtma Gandhi kiongozi wa India, ambaye alinukuu maneno yake aliyowahi kusema kuwa “Dunia hii ina raslimali za kutosha mahitaji muhimu ya kila mtu lakini haina raslimali za kutosha ulafi wa kila mtu” mwisho wa kunukuu. Hivyo kwa kauli hiyo alisisitiza uzalendo katika kuutumia Mfuko huo.
Alisema kuwa endapo Mfuko huo utatumika ipasavyo Watanzania wote watanufaika lakini ukitumika isivyo utafilisika.
"Jamani hata Rais wetu ana ndoto kubwa na angependa kabisa aondokapo madarakani mwaka 2015 aache Watanzania asilimia 50 wakiwa chini ya utaratibu wa Bima ya Afya hivyo tumuungeni mkono kwa kila mdau kutimiza wajibu wake," alisema.
Naye Kaimu Mkoa wa Lindi ambaye pia ni Mkuu wa Wilaya hiyo, Magalula Said naye aliwasisitiza viongozi wote wa Halmashauri kuhakikisha wanaongeza juhudi katika uhamasishaji wa wananchi kujiunga na Mfuko wa Afya wa Jamii.
"Nimejaribu kupitia takwimu za hapa Lindi na nimegundua kuwa tunazidi kuporomoka katika suala hili la CHF hivyo kila mmoja kwa nafasi yake ajipange kuhakikisha hali hii inaondoka na wananchi wetu wanajiunga na Bima kwani ndio mkombozi wa afya kwa wote hivyo ni lazima tuiweke kama agenda ya kudumu katika vikao vyetu,' alisema.
Naye Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa NHIF, Emanuel Humba aliwaomba viongozi wa kisiasa wakiwemo madiwani kuhakikisha wanasimamia vyema fedha zitokanazo na mifuko hiyo ili ziweze kutumika katika matumizi sahihi hasa ya dawa.


Kocha mkuu wa Yanga, Kostadin Papic amemtaka kiungo Haruna Niyonzima kuripoti kambini mapema tayari kwa ajili ya maandalizi ya mechi hiyo.
Niyonzima bado hajaripoti kambi ya timu hiyo, huku uongozi wa Yanga ukisema kuwa anatarajia kujiunga Alhamisi wiki hii.
Papic amesema mechi dhidi ya Zamalek siyo ya mchezo na hivyo anawataka wachezaji wote kuhakikisha wanajitahidia kwenye mazoezi ili waweze kushinda.Kuna uwezekano mkubwa mchezaji huyo kujiunga na wenzake siku hiyo ya Alhamisi ambayo timu hiyo itakuwa ikiondoka kwenda nchini Misri.
"Nina wasiwasi sana na Niyonzima, yeye ni miongoni mwa wachezaji muhimu kwenye kikosi. Namtegemea kwenye kikosi, lakini mpaka sasa sijamuona," alisema.
Lakini msemaji wa Yanga Luis Sendeu alisema Niyonzima anatarajia kujiunga na wenzake Alhamisi.
Niyonzima yupo Rwanda na kikosi cha timu ya taifa kinachojiandaa kucheza mechi kufuzu kucheza fainali za Kombe la Mataifa ya Afrika dhidi ya timu ya taifa ya Nigeria.


                                                          Marek HAMSIK



Kitu cha kuvutia kimetokea katika kipindi cha miaka 10 ndani ya premier league. Wachezaji ambao walionekana ni watu ambao wasingeweza kupata nafasi katika vikosi vya kutafuta makombe kutokana na umri wao mkubwa sasa wamekuwa ndio muhimu zaidi katika timu zenye kutafuta mafanikio.

In fact, kikosi cha kinachofaa siku hizi kwa ajili ya premier league kinabidi kiwe kinawachezaji nan echini ya umri wa miaka 23, kumi na mbili walio kwenye umri wa miaka 23 na 33, na wanne au watano walio na umri mpaka wa miaka 38.

“Miaka 5 iliyopita ndani ya Manchester United, tulikuwa tukipewa presentation kuhusu maabara moja maarufu iliyopo at AC Milan, ambapo kutokana na sayansi nzuri ya michezo na lifestyle ya kiafya, wamefanikiwa kuwaweka wachezaji kwenye hali nzuri watakapoingia katika umri wa miaka 30 na kuendelea.

Kikosi cha AC Milan  kilichochukua kombe la ulaya kikiwa na wachezaji wenye umri 2007

“Walituonyesha watu kama Alessandro Costacurta, ambaye katika kipindi hicho alikuwa na umri wa miaka 40, Cafu alikuwa na miaka 36, Serginho 35 na Paolo Maldini akiwa na miaka 38, na wote hawa walikuwa wakicheza. Lengo la United lilikuwa na kuwaweka sawa kiakili wachezaji kuendelea kucheza soka la ushindani watakapokuwa katika miaka ya 30.

Katika soka kuna vipindi muhimu sana kama viwili. Unapokuwa kijana – inaweza kuwa ndani au nje timu. Then kati ya umri wa miaka 21-30, then hapo unakuwa kama mfalme, moja ya nguzo katika kundi la wachezaji watano au 6 ambao huanza kila mechi.

Lakini kama utacheza kila Jumatano na jumamosi na kila mashindano kipindi cha kiangazi wakati wa umri wa miaka 21-30 . Ni lazima utakuja kudondoka kileleni utakapofikia umri wa miaka 32. Majeruhi yataanza kukuandama na kupona kwa haraka haitakuwa rahisi tena.

Unapofikia hatua hiyo kwanza vitu viwili vitatokea, utagundua mabadiliko ya kimwili na utaanza kujitunza vizuri zaidi, pili kiakili, utakubali kwamba huwezi tena kuwa tegemezi.
Nilikumbushwa hilo nilipokuwa Naples wiki iliyopita, nikiangalia Chelsea katika champions league ambapo manager Andre Villas-Boas alipowapiga benchi Micheal Essien, Frank Lampard na Ashley Cole.

Na pia nikiangalia na namna mambo yalivyo ndani ya klabu ile, huku story zikisema na  manager mwenyewe akikiri kwamba wachezaji wamekuwa wakim-challenged kuhusu maamuzi yake ya jinsi ya kupanga kikosi, hapo ndio napata majibu kwamba kuna wachezaji ndani ya Chelsea ambao bado hawajakubaliana na mabadiliko halisia yanayotokea kwenye career zao.

Cole na Lampard wana hali ngumu sasa ndani ya klabu yao.

Kwa sababu unaweza kuona kwa ushahidi wa kimwili, hawapo kama walivyokuwa miaka minne au mitano iliyopita. Lakini kama wangekubaliana na ukweli huo – na kama wangekuwa wanaongoza vizuri na manager wangewaeleza majukumu yao mapya na kuwafanya wao kama sehemu ya majukumu hayo – wangeweza kucheza at Chelsea mpaka watakapokuwa na miaka 37 au 38.

Mwangalie Jamie Carragher pale Liverpool. Watu wanaweza kusema ‘atakuwa anakasirika kuwekwa benchi akiwa na umri wa miaka 34.’ Lakini kiukweli anaweza Akakaa na ku-relax akiwaacha vijana wawili ambao wanacheza vizuri waendelee.

Atachangia pale atakapohitajika kwasababu lazima itafikia wakati utahijika. Kama utaweza kukubaliana na ukweli kwamba muda wako wa kuongoza vita ukiwa mstari mbele umekwisha, then unaweza ukarudi nyuma na kuwa jenerali wa vita hiyo. Ni wachezaji aina ya Carragher ambao watakuwa viongozi kwenye dressing room, wakisistiza nidhamu na kutoa ushauri na kutia moyo wachezaji wadogo pale inapohitajika.

Wachezaji wachanga wanatakamuongozo, na kama utaangalia wachezaji kama Juan Mata, Daniel Sturidge, David Luiz na Gary Cahil, sidhani kama wanapata muongozo.
Inaonekana kana kwamba kuna vita ya kuonyeshana umwamba zaidi ya hali ya AVB kukubali kwamba hawa wachezaji ni muhimu na wachezaji wenyewe kukubali kwamba majukumu yao yamebadilika kutoka na umri wao.

Mfano kwa wachezaji ni Ryan Giggs, akiwa tayari ameshacheza mechi za mashindano 900 katika level ya juu na sasa ana miaka 38.

Giggs na Scholes mifano ya kuigwa.

Usiku wa alhamisi iliyopita, camera ziliivuta sura yake baada ya Danny Welbeck akiingia uwanjani dhidi ya Ajax na ilikuwa wazi kabisa kwamba asingeweza kukamilisha idadi ya mechi 900 usiku huo. Alikuwa katulia, miguu ikiwa juu bila kujali akijiweka tayari kwa mechi dhidi ya Norwich. Hakukuwa na habari yoyote kuhus yeye kunung’unika kuhusu kutoswa kule katika mechi ile. 

Paul Scholes nae yupo na tabia kama za Giggs.

Kama utaiangaliwa Arsenal kipindi hiki ambapo hawajachukua makombe, ambacho kitakuwa ni miaka 7 mwishoni mwa msimu, unaweza ukasema kwamba Arsene Wenger aliwaondoa mapema wachezaji kama Patrick Vieira na Roberto Pires.

Na wachezaji wa aina ile katika dressing room na uwanjani tena kwenye mechi kubwa, timu zake zingekuwa zimekomaa kiakili kuliko sasa. Labda wasingeweza kutoa msaada mkubwa kihivyo lakini wangeweza kuleta tofauti.

Rio Fedinand ameanza kufikia hatua hiyo katika maisha yake ya soka, na labda umeanza kuona ishara hizo pia kwa Steven Gerrard, kwa majeruhi yaliyomkuta. Itamtokea Wayne Rooney pia katika miaka 5 au 6 ijayo lakini mchango wake utaendelea kuhitajika klabuni.

Kama una miaka 32 na unawekwa benchi, usipaniki  kuhusu suala hilo. Chill out, na tulia. Umeshapigana vita yako. Sasa nenda kapigane vita ambayo unahitajika kupigana.

Kwasababu nini ni njia mbadala kama utashindwa kukubali kwamba wewe sio tena top player wa kikos? Ni kwenda China au Russia kuichezea Anzhi?au kuishia katika timu za level ya kati katika premier league.?

Ni vizuri kuweza ku-manage mategemeo yako, kaa katika klabu kubwa na kuwa kiongozi mzuri kwa vijana walio ndani ya timu nab ado unaweza ukaendelea kushinda makombe kama Ryan Giggs na Paul Scholes.

Jose Mourinho aweka rekodi ya LA LIGA

MourinhoReal Madrid625066
Miguel MuñozReal Madrid70501010
VillalongaReal Madrid / At. Madrid78501018
Van GaalBarcelona79501217
CapelloReal Madrid80501812
BruReal Madrid8250626
E.FernandezBarcelona / Real Madrid85501520

Miguel Muñoz70
Del Bosque92
MourinhoReal Madrid625066
Miguel MuñozReal Madrid70501010
VillalongaReal Madrid / At. Madrid78501018
Van GaalBarcelona79501217
CapelloReal Madrid80501812
BruReal Madrid8250626
E.FernandezBarcelona / Real Madrid85501520

Miguel Muñoz70
Del Bosque92


Makocha Jan Poulsen wa Tanzania (Taifa Stars) na Gert Josef Angels wa Msumbiji (Mambas) kesho (Februari 28 mwaka huu) watakuwa na mkutano na waandishi wa habari kuzungumzia maandalizi ya timu zao. Taifa Stars na Mambas zitapambana Februari 29 mwaka huu Uwanja wa Taifa, Dar es Salaam kuanzia saa 10 jioni katika mechi ya kwanza ya mchujo kuwania tiketi ya kucheza fainali za Kombe la Mataifa ya Afrika (AFCON) zitakazofanyika mwakani nchini Afrika Kusini. Mkutano huo na waandishi wa habari ambapo makocha hao pia watajibu maswali ya waandishi wa habari utafanyika saa 6 kamili mchana kwenye ukumbi wa mikutano wa Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu Tanzania (TFF). Mambas iliwasili nchini jana (Februari 26 mwaka huu) ikiwa na wachezaji 19 na viongozi kumi. Wachezaji walioko kwenye kikosi hicho ni Francisco Muchanga, Clesio Bauque, Almiro Lobo, Manuel Fernandes na Francisco Massinga. Wengine ni Joao Rafael, Nelson Longomate, Joao Mazive, Zainadine Chavango, Osvaldo Sunde, Luis Vaz, Carlos Chimomole, Joao Aguiar, Edson Sitoe, Jeremias Sitoe, Stelio Ernesto, Elias Pelembe, Eduardo Jumisse na Simao Mate. 


Mechi ya marudiano ya Ligi ya Mabingwa Afrika kati ya Zamalek na Yanga itachezwa Machi 3 mwaka huu kwenye Uwanja wa Jeshi jijini Cairo kuanzia saa 12 jioni kwa saa za Misri. Kwa mujibu wa maelekezo ya Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu Afrika (CAF) mechi hiyo itachezwa bila washabiki  kwa vile Zamalek inakabiliwa na adhabu ya kucheza mechi hiyo bila washabiki. Mechi hiyo itachezeshwa na waamuzi kutoka Morocco ambao ni Jihed Redouane, Rouani Bouazza na Bekkali Mimoun wakati mwamuzi wa akiba atakuwa Gihed Greisha wa Misri. Kamishna wa mchezo huo ni Ben Khadiga wa Tunisia. 


Mwamuzi i Yabarow Hagi Wiish na wasaidizi wake Aweis Ahmed Nur na Abdirahman Omar Abdi, wote kutoka Somalia ndiyo watakaochezesha mechi ya marudiano ya Kombe la Shirikisho kati ya Simba na Kiyovu Sport ya Rwanda. Kwa mujibu wa orodha ya waamuzi ya Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu Afrika (CAF), mwamuzi wa akiba kati mechi hiyo namba 14 itakayochezwa Machi 4 mwaka huu Uwanja wa Taifa, Dar es Salaam atakuwa Waziri Sheha wa Tanzania.  Kamishna wa mechi hiyo ya raundi ya awali atakuwa Jean Marie V. Hicuburundi kutoka Burundi.  CAF imeziingiza moja kwa moja kati raundi ya kwanza timu 16 kutokana na ubora wake. Timu hizo ni ES Setif (Algeria), Interclube (Angola), Asec Mimosas (Ivory Coast), Enppi (Misri), AS Real Bamako (Mali), CO de Bamako (Mali) na CO Meknes (Morocco). Nyingine ni WAC (Morocco), Warri Wolves (Nigeria), Heartland (Nigeria), St. Eloi Lupopo (Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasi ya Congo- DRC), Us Tshinkunku (Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasi ya Congo- DRC), El Amal Otbara (Sudan), Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan), CSS (Tunisia) na CA (Tunisia).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Matumizi ya Digitali katika Televisheni

Waziri wa wizara ya Mawasiliano, Sayansi na Teknolojia Prof. Makame Mbarawa akiongea na waandishi wa habari leo jijini Dar es Salaam kuhusu usitishwaji wa matangazo ya Televisheni kwa kutumia Technolojia ya analogia na kuhamia teknolojia ya utangazaji ya dijitali  ambao utasitishwa rasmi tarehe 31 Disemba mwaka 2012 saa sita kamili usiku. Kulia ni Katibu Mkuu wa Wizara hiyo  Dk. Frorens Turuka.

Pinda ziarani Meatu

 Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda akialimana na Wananchi wa  na viongozi wa wilaya ya Meatu baada ya kuwasili katika kijiji cha Mwandoya akiwa katika ziara ya Mkoa wa Shinyanga Februari 22, 2012.  Kushoto ni Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Shinyanga,  Ally Nasoro Rufunga na  wapili kushotoni  Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Meatu Abihudi Saideya.
 Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda akisalimiana na  Afisa Biashara wa  Wilaya ya Bariadi, Leonard   Batigashaga akiwa katika ziara ya mkoa wa Shinyanga Febeuari 22, 2012. Kulia ni Mkewe Tunu.
Ofisi ya Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kisesa, Luhaga Mpina ikoa katika hatari ya kuvunjwa kwa vile imejengwa kwenye eneo la akiba la barabara. Picha Waziri Mkuu, Mizengo Pinda akionyeshwa  na Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Shinyanga, Ally Nasoro Rufunga alama inayoonyesha  sehemu ya ukuta wa ofisi hiyo unatakiwa kuvunjwa. Nyumba hiyo imejengwa kwenye kijiji cha Mwandoya wilayani Meatu.

Usalama wa watoto

Wanafunzi wa Shule za Msingi Mjini Moshi wakikimbia kuvuka barabarwakati wa mchana jana. Watoto kama hawa wamekuwa wakigongwa na magarai marakwa mara katika maeneo mengi nchini kutokana na umakini mdogo wa waendesha magari na vyombo vingine vya usafiri. Jamii haina budu kuwalinda watoto na kuwajali popote wanapokuwa.


Polisi wakiwatawanya na kuwakamata baadhi ya waandamanaji hao katika manispaa ya Songea baada ya wakazi wa manispaa hiyo wengi wao wakiwa madereva wa pikipiki kuandamana hadi ofisi ya kamanda wa polisi mkoa wa Ruvuma kupinga mauaji ya watu yanayoendelea kwa kasi mjini humo ambao hadi sasa jeshi la polisi halijafanikiwa kuwakamata wauaji.
Madereva pikipiki wakiwa wamefunga barabara ya songea kwenda tunduru karibu na mlango wa kuingilia ofisi ya mkuu wa mkoa wa ruvuma,wakilitaka jeshi la polisi mkoa huo kuchukua hatua dhidi ya mauaji ya watu yanayoendelea mjini songea ambapo hadi sasa zaidi ya watu 8 wameuawa na watu wasiojulikana wengi wao wakiwa ni madereva wa pikpiki.
======    ======    =====

JESHI la polisi mkoani Ruvuma limelazimika kutumia mabomu ya machozi na risasi za moto kuwatawanya wananchi waliokuwa wakiandamana kuelekea ofisi ya mkuu wa mkoa wa Ruvuma na kituo kikuu cha polisi Songea mjini hali iliyopelekea shughuli mbalimbali kusimama.

Hali hiyo ilianza kujitokeza majira ya asubuhi ambapo wananchi wa mtaa wa Lizaboni wengi wakiwa ni madereva wa pikpiki walianza kujikusanya na kuanza maandamano kuelekea kituo kikuu cha polisi kilichopo karibu na uwanja wa majimaji mjini hapa.

Wananchi hao walikuwa wakiimba nyimbo za kulaumu jeshi la polisi wakidai kuwa limeshindwa kudhibiti mauaji yanayoendelea kujitokeza mjini hapa kila mara ambapo hadi sasa zaidi ya watu kumi wameshauawa na watu wasiojulikana. “Tumeamua kuandamana kwani kimsingi mauaji yamezidi kutokea mjini hapa jana ameuwawa mtu,juzi na usiku wa kuamkia leo ameuwawa mwendesha pikipiki na abiria wake”walisikika wakisema.

Baada ya wananchi hao kukaribia kituo cha polisi walianza kurusha mawe na ndipo polisi walijihami kwa kutumia mabomu ya machozi ambapo wananchi hao na waendesha pikipiki walianza kukimbia ovyo na kupeleka maduka kufungwa kwa hofu ya kuibiwa.

Licha ya biashara mbalimbali kusimama pia ofisi za serikali ikiwemo ofisi ya mkuu wa mkoa na ya mkuu wa wilaya Songea zilifungwa kwa kuhofia waandamanaji kuingia kwenye ofisi hizo na kufanya uharibifu.

Kabla ya maandamano ya leo februari 20 mwaka huu wananchi kutoka kata ya Lizabon waliandamana hadi kwa mkuu wa wilaya ya Songea Thomas Ole Sabaya kulalamikia kukithiri kwa mauaji katani humo ambayo yamekuwa yakifanywa na watu wasiojulikana. Akijibu malalamiko hayo mkuu huyo wa wilaya alisema kuwa serikali itahakikisha ulinzi unaimarishwa na kwamba aliwataka kuimarisha ulinzi shirikishi ili kukabiliana na matukio hayo maovu.

Februari 19 mwaka huu mkazi wa Lizaboni Bakary Ally(20) aliuwawa kwa kukatwakatwa na mapanga na watu wasiojulikana ambapo februari 20 mwaka huu majira ya saa 3.00 usiku mtu mmoja mkazi wa mtaa wa Kipera shekhe Jamari(65) alikutwa ameuwawa kwa kukatwa mapanga kichwani na watu wasiojulikana wakati alipokuwa akielekea nyumbani kwake.

Marehemu Jamari alikuwa ni mmoja kati ya viongozi wa msikiti uliopo katika eneo hilo la Kipera.Mauaji hayo yameendelea kujitokeza ambapo mwendesha pikipiki ambaye jina lake halikufahamika mara moja ameuwawa na watu wasiojulikana katika mtaa wa Mji Mwema mjini hapa usiku wa februari 22 mwaka huu na kupelekea wananchi mjini hapa kuishi kwa hofu kubwa. Habari na Picha kwa hisani ya Muhidin Amri-Songea (wa Globu ya Jamii).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nembo ya Redds Miss Tanzania 2012 yazinduliwa

 Miss Tanzania 2011, Salha Izrael akiwa amesimama mbele ya nembo mpya ya REDDS MISS TANZANIA 2012 muda mfupi baada ya yeye na warembo wenzake kuizindua usiku wa kuamkia Februari 16,2012 jiji Dar es Salaam.
 Meneja wa Kinywaji cha Redds, Vick Kimaro(kushoto) na Mkurugenzi wa Mahusiano na Sheria wa TBL, Stephen Kilindo wakiungana na warembo wa Miss tanzania 2011 kugonganisha vinywaji vyao vya REDDS kuashiria kuzinduliwa rasmi kwa Msimu mpya wa mashimndano ya Urembo 2012.
 Warembo walipokuwa wakifungua pazia kuzindua nembo ya Mdhamini mpya wa Miss Tanzania 2012.
 Waliyarudi mangoma baada ya kuzindua...
 Meneja wa Chapa ya Kilimanjaro George Kavishe alikuwepo kumpa tafu Meneja wa Chapa ya REDDS, Vick Kimaro wote kutoka TBL.
 Mzee wa Jahazi, Epraim Kibonde akitoa Asalam Alekhum kwa Miss Tanzania 2011, Salha Izrael
 warembo mbalimbali walijumuika katika tafrija hiyo pale Mlimani City, hapa ni warembo wa Miss tanzania na marafiki zao katika zulia jekundu. 

 Wadau wa Mavazi Asia Idarus (shoto) na Shamim Mwasha wa 8020 blog na rafiki yao wakila pozi.
 wadau mbalimbali walikuwepo wakiwapo waandaaji wa masjhindano hayo ngazi ya vitongoji.
 Mkurugenzi wa Lino International Agency, Hashim Lundenga akiteta jambo na Mkurugenzi wa masoko wa TBL, Fimbo Butala.
 Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Miss Tanzania, Prashant Patel akiwa na wadau wa urembo nchini, Odhiambo, Mchata, Innocent na wengineo.
 Mdau kutoka Zantel akibadilishana mawazo na marafiki.
 Hadija Kalili na Somoe Ng'itu (kulia)  nao walifuatilia kwa ukaribu tukio hilo
 Christina Manongi (Sinta) ama J Lo wa bongo (kulia) na marafiki zake nao walikuwepo
Wazee wa taswira nao walichukuliwa taswira yao...hapa wakivizia tukio muhimu.